Social Media Strategy 3.0: New Low-Cost, High-Return Approaches

As budgets continue to get squeezed and social media platforms get more fractured, communications teams need to find ways to produce larger results with fewer resources. This session will dive deep into what social tasks AI can automate for you, changing consumer and audience behaviors and how to leverage new targeting and personalization techniques to help social teams work smarter, not harder. You’ll learn:

  • Data-driven value: Smart and low-cost ways to measure and optimize social media efforts.
  • Finding champions: How to partner with other departments to embed social best practices across the organization — plus how to find and empower internal social ambassadors.
  • Shoestring social: How to do more with less and demonstrate ROI to the C-suite.
  • Smarter, not harder: Using AI for tasks like automated content scheduling, sentiment analysis, audience targeting and more.
  • Jeff Meltz
    Global Head of Social Media