Social Media Splashdown: Riding the TikTok Short-Form Video Wave

With 90% of marketers maintaining or growing their short-form video investment in 2023, the ripple effect has social platforms scrambling to replicate TikTok’s micro-video magic. This workshop shows you how to do the same — while also bringing a spark of light to your brand videos to create like a creator so they appeal to the TikTok generation and beyond. Together, we’ll cover:

  • Creativity and fun: Innovative approaches to spice up your video strategies, even if you’re in more traditional sectors like B2B, healthcare, government or nonprofits.
  • Everyone as a creator: Simple yet effective TikTok techniques and features that tap into the full potential of short-form content from your phone.
  • Trends with benefits: How to capitalize on trending conversations, formats, and sounds in an authentic, meaningful way (and more importantly, when to sit out).
  • Down in the data: The best metrics to dive into and how to use them to build trust, speed up approvals and get leadership buy-in (and budget) for short-form content (plus, how AI can help).
  • UGC and collaboration: How to authentically work with creators on TikTok, Instagram (Reels) and even YouTube (Shorts) to infuse your channels (and theirs) with user-generated content promised to increase brand awareness.
  • Experimentation: Hands-on experience testing different micro-video platforms and formats so you can return with binge-worthy (not cringe-worthy) clips.
  • Mackenzie Perna
    Sun & Sol Co.
  • Tyler Paget
    Global Social Media Manager
    Fox Racing