Social Justice and Beyond: How Organizations’ Values Enhance Reputation, Recruitment and Retention

Organizations have been grappling to make their company makeup more diverse and workforce cultures inclusive to all, and the pressure has only increased after the shooting of Jacob Blake and deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and others. Employees aren’t just looking for more diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace, either. Especially as younger employees enter the workforce, they’re looking to align themselves with organizations that align with their own values—and provide ways they can work together to make a difference. In this joint session with Lucy Abreu, Senior Vice President at Syneos Health Communications, and Sean Greenwood, Grand Poobah of PR for Ben & Jerry’s, you’ll learn the growing importance of turning to social justice opportunities, how Ben & Jerry’s outstanding activism work has strengthened its brand, and ideas for “walking the talk” internally as well as externally by authentically leading the way in standing for social change.

You’ll learn:

  • The business case for social justice inside your organization (Hint: It’s not enough for just DE&I)
  • How to invite and ensure employees are connected to your organization’s mission and values
  • Ways to go beyond an individual hire and create an inclusive and diverse culture where POC employees want to work
  • The importance of developing the right KPIs for measuring success with social justice initiatives—and why you should incorporate employee feedback as well
  • Lucy Abreu
    Senior Vice President
    Syneos Health Communications
  • Sean Greenwood
    Grand Poobah of PR
    Ben & Jerry’s