Small but Mighty: How to reshape your content for mobile

Most organizations have good content at their disposal. But do you know how your readers consume this content? Don’t assume it’s all through a desktop computer.

Consider the many ways your customers and employees access digital content—by phone, on a tablet or even with a twist of the wrist. A good reading experience is getting more complex.

Don’t dump your print or web content on a phone and call it “mobile.” That doesn’t cut it. Incorporate interactivity that makes every post, tweet or communication a winner!

In this session, you’ll learn how to:

  • Engage your audience on the small screen with features specific to mobile
  • Work with your UI/UX team to practice one-liners and think like a visual designer
  • Make your print and web content mobile to take advantage of interactive, touchable features
  • Test your content on multiple devices and platforms
  • Future-proof your content with mobile-first writing
  • Susanne Frame
    Content Strategist
    IBM Interactive Experience