Show Me: How brilliant brands craft video stories that inspire action

Yeah, we know, video is big. There are live videos and pre-roll ads. We can create long-form video and short-form Snaps or Instagram. But how do we get the most out of the video we create? How do we create content that inspires a real outcome?

What happens when you think like a television executive?

In this exhilarating closing keynote presentation, author and former television producer Andrew Davis will teach us the five secrets to telling stories that inspire action. You’ll learn how to build suspense and foster aspiration. He’ll encourage you to own the entire consumer journey by creating moments of inspiration. Davis will uncover how, and why, some of the world’s most successful video stories work and what we can learn from them.

You’ll walk away ready to create your own moments that inspire new customers and clients to act in predictable and repeatable ways that drive big revenue.

It’s time to stop telling people what we do and start showing them.

  • Andrew Davis
    Keynoter and Author