Short on Time, Big on Storytelling: Creative Ways To Help Busy People Cut Through The Noise

How you communicate a message is as important as the message itself. But how can you cut through the noise when ways of communicating are increasing as much as our own attention spans decrease? This interactive session will provide you with:

  • The key elements for must-read content for employees
  • A framework for analyzing available internal comms channels including intranet, social media, email, mobile, digital noticeboards, video and more
  • Best practices for selecting the right communication medium for your intended employee audience and message
  • Strategies for optimizing broadcast communications and weeding out ‘internal spam’
  • When to push and when not to; when is a total employee broadcast appropriate and necessary
  • Using video and storytelling to grab employees’ attention
  • Practical and proven ideas and tactics to apply when you get back to work
  • Sara Glick
    Senior director, internal communications and engagement
    U.S. Chamber of Commerce