Shifting Gears: Tips for the occasional speechwriter

Let’s face it: Not everyone is a full-time speechwriter. Thousands of communications pros write speeches as a smaller part of their job. If you’re being asked to write a speech, you’re trusted to craft strong messaging and to work effectively with leaders. It’s a unique opportunity to show your value. Nate Osburn, who transitioned from full-time to part-time speechwriting, will help you understand how to quickly shift gears as an occasional speechwriter.

Key Takeaways:

  • Templates that provide a good starting point for different types of speaking engagements
  • Handy tips that help you adjust (and deepen) your relationship with your speaker
  • A drill-down on all of the people you should talk to when crafting a speech
  • Insights on why developing the speechwriting skill is great for your future
  • Nate Osburn
    Director of Speechwriting
    U.S. Department of Commerce