Set your content roadmap: How changing lanes can help you win the race

Storytelling efforts for organizations can become much harder when you don’t have a tangible product or breaking news to pitch reporters. To grab headlines, communicators shouldn’t follow the pace car. Instead, you can net PR and media relations success by setting your own speed and not being able to “change lanes” or “shift gears” with your story angles. Danielle Mann, senior director of corporate communications for Mobileye (an Intel company), will share the secrets of grabbing ink in a crowded field of industry leaders and content. She’ll explore the three-year journey Intel took to establish an authentic and sustainable voice in autonomous driving, without a product or breaking news, which led to their story being a part of the growing conversation. She’ll share, through examples and helpful tips, how to do the same with your organization’s goals.

Key Highlights:

  • How to craft a leadership voice prior to product acceptance
  • Tips for building a stellar “pit crew” for brainstorming and collaboration success
  • How to move beyond the main event and create personalized experiences after tradeshows
  • Ways to seize the moment by identifying and jumping on opportunities to tell your story
  • Danielle Mann
    Senior director of corporate communications
    Mobileye (an Intel company)