SEO Certificate Course for Communicators – Week 3: Advanced

Next Steps: Designing Dashboards and Extracting Insights from Data

  • Agile SEO: Ideas to manage content workflows to continually improve results
  • Measurement: Essential data and KPIs to help you understand if your SEO is working
    • How to select and track the best KPIs to prove your content’s value
    • Tips to set up or improve your current Google Analytics dashboard
    • How to pull reports that spotlight successes and impress execs
  • Social media + SEO: How to improve search results for your posts on TikTok, Pinterest and other top social media channels
  • Essential trends reshaping search, including AI and voice search — and how to incorporate them into your SEO program
  • A note about pay-for-play: How to boost your results and reach with paid search
  • Bonus: How to bring your content, SEO and IT teams together for better results
  • Rachel Vandernick
    The Vander Group
  • Brian Pittman
    Virtual Events Producer and Moderator
    Ragan Communications