SEO Bootcamp: A Communicator’s Primer on All Things SEO

Any communicator with an eye toward SEO knows keywords are important but are they the most important aspect when getting started with SEO? With so many abbreviations flying around like UX/UI, BERT, EAT, and so many more, it can feel overwhelming to know exactly what to focus on.

Join us for this SEO Bootcamp with Rachel Vandernick, trainer and founder of The Vander Group, as she takes you on a journey to make the most of contemporary SEO practices and learn how to prioritize your website investments. Plus, you’ll hear first-hand on how comms pros like you are optimizing their SEO strategies.

Top 4 things you’ll learn in this bootcamp:

  • Important questions: What you need to ask yourself before even getting started
  • How to problem-solve: Technical issues to avoid early and fix quickly
  • The importance of planning: Why planning for updates is just as important as getting started.
  • Valuable techniques: Trend sourcing, differences in key copy types, and how the user’s journey plays into all of it
  • Rachel Vandernick
    The Vander Group