Secrets of success: How Cape Cod Healthcare used the latest tools to become a prominent publisher

You’ve learned how to create or update your content strategy. Join this session to find out how to apply these principles in real-world ways that drive clicks, traffic and ROI. You’ll hear how Cape Cod Healthcare recently launched its digital platform for health content and then integrated that content across every platform at its disposal, from text and video to social media and advertising—and a few new channels it created. Join this instructional session based on this phenomenal case study to replicate that omni-channel content strategy success at your own organization.

Key Highlights:

  • Build a brand journalism site that reaches broad audiences without relying on mainstream news outlets
  • Integrate your brand journalism content on your principal home page and related sites
  • Revamp your intranet to deliver content to employees—and encourage them to share it on their social media networks
  • Launch social media channels to support your corporate storytelling—and to reach wider audiences where they live
  • Coordinate storytelling with a broad-based advertising and marketing campaign
  • Enlist third-party partners, paid and unpaid alike
  • Add video to your content mix without breaking your bank
  • Develop and launch a magazine for audiences that still value—and prefer—print
  • Patrick Kane
    Senior Vice President, Communications and Business Development
    Cape Cod Healthcare