Savvy Social Media Tips to Help PR and Marketing Pros Stay “One Jump Ahead”—on a budget

Especially as social media strategies become more “pay to play” to see success, it can feel like an overwhelming task to achieve meaningful engagement and ROI that affects the bottom line without a large budget or team to deploy. However, savvy communicators have embraced the power of social media despite limited resources—and you can, too. Ask our panel of communicators for tips, tricks and ideas that answer your biggest questions and empower you to launch your next campaign with confidence.

You’ll learn:

  • Top tools and resources you can use for free to create and distribute social media content
  • Ways to plan your budget and stretch your social media efforts to grab media coverage, increase stakeholder trust and strengthen your brand
  • Tips for determining whether a platform is right for your organization—and how to best focus your efforts on where they’re most needed
  • Ideas for crowdsourcing content and extending reach without using paid ads
  • Laura Gordillo
    Social media community manager
    March of Dimes
  • Ally Pippin
    Manager of social media analytics, insights and listening
    Wyndham Destinations