Save Employee Communications: The profile of the 21st-century internal communicator

The intranet is the primary employee communications channel. If an employee communications department doesn’t exist, that channel is likely to be taken over by marketing. Does that make you shudder? Then you should know that several companies have closed down employee communications. More closings are threatened. Internal communications thought leader Shel Holtz will explain what’s happening in his keynote and outline the steps you must take, not only to safeguard employee communications but to ensure your leaders see it as indispensable. Shel will show you some ways to propel your intranet into the 21st century.

Key Highlights:

  • How to reframe what you cover so you don’t duplicate what employees can find elsewhere online
  • Why your enterprise social network must be a key communication channel
  • How messaging has become a huge internal communications tool
  • Why you must map your employees’ journey to craft communications that support a great employee experience
  • Why influencer marketing is so effective in consumer marketing
  • Shel Holtz
    Holtz Communication + Technology