Risk Management for Communicators Virtual Summit How to protect your staff and reputation in 2018

Risk management is leadership’s No. 1 communications need—yet it’s also a leading skill gap for communicators. That ends now. If you’re responsible for employee communications, your intranet or social media training and want to give leaders greater confidence in your risk management protocols and communications, this event is for you.

Join Nancy Bistritz-Balkan (Equifax), Brendan Healey (Mandell Menkes) and Ronald Gilliam (S&P Global) to help minimize your organization’s risk exposures—and maximize your risk management skills.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Create or update your organization’s risk communications plan
  • Build a rapid-response internal culture that’s ready for emergencies
  • Work with legal to ensure social media compliance and risk mitigation
  • Quickly make use of your intranet and digital channels in risk situations
  • Nancy Bistritz-Balkan
    Director of Cybersecurity Communications
  • Brendan Healey
    Mandell Menkes LLC
  • Ronald Gilliam
    Engineering chief of staff
    American Express