Riding the E-Commerce Wave: Navigating Search, Reviews, Social Media Ads and Reputation Amid COVID-19

As stay-at-home challenges and edicts expand, so does the rise of e-commerce and digital offerings, causing brand managers across industries to adjust social media and digital marketing campaigns, pivot business models, and balance the need to do business with providing employee support and following shelter-in-place edicts. Enter solutions including social media ads and online reviews, which can increase your organization’s visibility even more as consumers turn to their computers and mobile devices to search for answers and solutions.

You’ll learn:

  • Best practices for responding to questions, concerns and criticism
  • Ways you can hone your online business presence to showcase your offerings, mission, benefits and more
  • Tips for integrating feedback into your social media strategy, response and measurement
  • How to pivot messaging strategy to maintain relevance and engagement amid crisis
  • How to combine storytelling and product to drive traffic and revenue
  • How to balance and optimize organic and paid media
  • James Chong
    Senior Manager of Digital Marketing
  • Emily Washcovick
    Senior business outreach manager