Revolutionizing Communication through CommTech

Staying ahead of the curve means being informed of new technologies, apps and tools that pave the way for today’s remote, dispersed and deskless workforce. Learn how to leverage emerging technologies to enhance your employee’s work-lives, streamline operations and develop effective comms strategies — with technology at your side. We’ll share:

  • Ragan’s State of CommTech 2023: Findings from Ragan’s CommTech survey reveal which tools internal and external communicators are currently using, what’s on their wish list, who makes the buying decisions, and how they are interpreting and using data.
  • Intranets, internal social channels and more: The latest in multichannel intranet content and use cases from communicators who built platforms to share critical updates and pet photos alike.
  • The right metrics = the right dashboard: The KPIs you should be tracking, where to access them and how to present them to busy execs.
  • What’s destined for your communicator’s toolkit: The new AI apps, productivity tools and analytics dashboards that will make your lives easier.
  • Sean Devlin
    Ragan Communications
  • Mary Davis Kaplan
    Strategic Solutions Engineer
  • Stephane Aknin
    Vice President, Creative & Content
    Prudential Financial