Rev up ROI: Smarter Measurement Methods to Demonstrate PR Value

Are you finding it hard to translate the data you collect into actionable insight? Are you struggling to measure engagement? Are you feeling more pressure to prove value to your execs? This session is the measurement brass ring you’re looking for. Join Molly McKenna Jandrain for a deep dive into how McDonald’s practices smart communications and measures in a modern context. You’ll hear how to update your own program with “content intelligence” and “data-driven decision making” so you can identify the content, coverage and campaigns that provide the most value to audiences—and ROI to your organization. You’ll come away with the know-how you need to design programs that move the needle—and the ability to leverage real-time data and insights into your strategies and plans.

Key Highlights:

  • Determine which KPIs matter to execs—and which to measure
  • Connect awareness, engagement and traffic to the bottom line
  • Assign value to impressions, articles, shares, likes and more
  • Select the best tools to measure earned and social media
  • Map media goals to your organization’s priorities
  • Molly McKenna
    Director of Public Relations
    McDonald's USA