Rethinking Employee Engagement: Storytelling as a Tool for Empowerment

How do you keep geographically and culturally diverse employees on the same page with your organization’s mission while also encouraging them to disrupt traditional ways of thinking? It requires an integrated communications approach that is solidly aligned with your priorities. Discover how BASF is using internal communications to empower employees.

Key Highlights:

  • Use compelling storytelling techniques—such as the hero’s journey—to inspire and motivate employees to innovate and break the status quo
  • Craft a meaningful, easy-to-understand call to action and communicate it through various channels
  • Provide leaders with the tools they need to be more relatable and effective in reinforcing your corporate culture
  • Understand how to measure success by carefully analyzing employee acceptance, retention and action
  • Maureen Paukert
    Director of corporate communications, North America
    BASF Corporation