Responding to Crises: How Communicators Can Prepare and Activate in Ways that Strengthen Reputation

Organizations have to prepare for a plethora of potential crises and reputational stumbling blocks—whether it’s a news story on the horizon or a misunderstanding with employees. With consumers equipped with smartphones and other mobile devices, these crises can quickly go viral as citizen journalism spreads unsavory incidents or misinformation. Lauren Lawson-Zilai, Senior Director of PR and Global Spokesperson for Goodwill Industries International, will share how the nonprofit organization creates effective and meaningful crisis responses through efforts including its digital-first campaign to combat misinformation and Goodwill’s COVID-19 retail re-opening guide. She’ll also share ways you can work within your organization and beyond to establish strategies, policies and procedures that can help protect your brand image, even during turbulent times.

You’ll learn:

  • Ways to emphasize empathy, transparency and authenticity within your crisis communications
  • Ways to partner across your organization as well as collaborate with other communicators to quickly and proactively plan and executive information campaigns
  • Ways to determine your key audiences and best communication channels for your messages and more
  • Lauren Lawson-Zilai
    Senior Director, Public Relations
    Goodwill Industries International