‘Remember me’: Tell a story with your metrics and prove social media ROI

As more and more communicators scramble to provide proof that their efforts are working, how can you—and should you—attribute value to the work you’re doing in social? John Young, social business advisor for Southwest Airlines, will give you a glimpse of how a large brand looks at ROI in social media through strategic metrics and help youto show value within various aspects of social media. Put together smarter ways of measuring success that can help you tell a story, evaluate your successes and stay on track (or adjust if you’re falling short).

You’ll learn:

  • How to use your metrics to show the value of social media
  • What benchmarks to use in evaluating the competition
  • Ways to drive toward measurable goals that impact the business
  • New metrics that can play a role in justifying social media’s work
  • How to improve your sentiment reporting with a more robust sentiment philosophy and metrics
  • John Young
    Social business advisor
    Southwest Airlines