Reinvent Your Social Media Strategy: How TIME Refreshed a Legacy Brand with Visuals, Paid Content and More

Gone are the days of tweeting your press release or posting your message on Facebook and expecting results. As consumer behavior changes and audiences seek digital-first content and experiences, yesterday’s strategies no longer cut it. Instead, approach your social media content holistically and with innovative ideas to succeed. Kassidy Silva, Senior Manager of Social Media Strategy at TIME, will share how the legacy media brand reached new consumers, boosting both engagement and sales, through strategic partnerships, flipping the influencer marketing model, launching an Instagram shop and more. Glean lessons that accompany the striking visuals used as you walk away with practical tips to do the same within your organization.

You’ll learn:

  • How to better collaborate with other departments and extend your efforts across campaigns that boost your bottom line
  • Tools and hacks for creating visually compelling content on a limited (or no) budget
  • Ways to make money off your brand and content through e-commerce, Instagram shops, sponsorship and more
  • Ideas for pushing the envelope with social media strategies for a rapidly changing consumer audience
  • Kassidy Silva
    Senior Manager, Social Media Strategy