Reinvent your employee communications without breaking the bank

It’s not enough to just push out messages to your employees. Instead, you must speak to their self-interests and remind them of your organizations culture and benefits. How can you fix lackluster employee communications efforts? Lalani Perry, assistant vice president of internal communications for Yale, successfully turned what used to be a complicated HR website that confused faculty and employees into a successful communications effort that created a robust employee digital resource and increased both engagement and branding in the process. She’ll share takeaways that can help you cut through the clutter and hit the “reset” button on your internal communications—without requiring a giant budget or large team to accomplish it.

Key Highlights:

  • How to effectively highlight value propositions and communicate benefits to employees
  • Ways to encourage your internal stakeholders to consume your content
  • Tips for making internal resources and content more straightforward, targeted and useful
  • How to measure your efforts and proactively plan for future campaigns
  • Lalani Perry
    Assistant vice president of communications