Reimagining Techniques to Spread Wellness: How Micro Moments of Wellbeing Create Macro Change

Employees not only respond positively to authenticity in high-stakes, fast-paced corporate cultures—it’s a necessity. Tackling this psychological need requires examining the relationship between authenticity, working sustainably, and effectiveness. Find out how communicators can apply meditation techniques to take a conscious approach to living and working with purpose, one micro moment of wellness at a time. Attendees will discover:

  • The power of awareness of micro moments and our ability to choose how we navigate the often unpredictable landscape of work culture
  • How to evolve the experience of your time, energy, and attention through incorporating micro moments to transform your behavioral and relational habits
  • A practical step-by-step roadmap for integrating micro moments in meaningful ways
  • How to adapt data and metrics to intentionally integrate conscious techniques that nurture the mind, body and spirit
  • Kate Swords
    Head of U.S. Human Resources
    Cerberus Capital Management