Reimagining internal communications with innovation and technology

Effectively communicating with internal audiences requires you to reach people in ways that are intuitive, interesting and relevant. When you’re catering to multiple audiences whose day-to-day experiences differ widely, communicators must constantly innovate by drawing inspiration from our everyday, nonwork lives. How do we use technology to communicate? What content do we choose to seek out or click on? To do this, you must learn about your employees and give them easy access to information—along with a reason to want to come back for more. Natasha Gaffoglio and Allison Owens from the internal newsroom at Taco Bell will share how their team has completely reimagined employee communications, harnessing technology to target hard-to-reach audiences and becoming obsessive about analytics to enable strategic decisions.

You’ll learn:

  • The modern channels, tools and resources that increase engagement
  • How to best deliver information to a dispersed and diverse workplace
  • Tips for creating bite-sized content that’s actually entertaining
  • Why you should obsess over your data
  • How to “democratize” data to help internal partners make the best decisions
  • Allison Owens
    Associate manager of internal communications
    Taco Bell
  • Natasha Gaffoglio
    Senior manager of internal communications
    Taco Bell