Reaffirm Your Brand Purpose Through Compelling Narratives During the Ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic and Times of Social Unrest

In the wake of a global crisis, stakeholders expect brands to offer more than just a product or service—they need to have a purpose centered around serving their community in these difficult times.

Storytelling is a powerful tool to take audiences on a journey complete with heroes and great challenges. It’s a vehicle to define and share your purpose and illustrate how your organization is making a difference at this pivotal moment in history. Discover how these top organization are turning to their core purpose to guide their storytelling efforts and maintain the trust and respect of employees, customers and the media during the ongoing public health crisis, and support the fight for diversity and racial justice.

  • Behice Ece Ilhan
    Senior Trend Strategist & Brand Futurist
  • Caroline Dillon
    Industry Insights Communication and PR Lead