Reaching a Dispersed Workforce in Crisis: How National DCP ‘Heroes’ Helped America Run on Dunkin’

Communicators working with dispersed workforces have the challenge of effectively reaching and engaging employees across channels, formats and messages. That challenge has shifted to overdrive during COVID-19, when employees need information and inspiration more than ever. Shira Miller, Chief Communications Officer for National DCP, will share how she and her team led the $2 billion supply chain’s 1,700 employees to provide Dunkin’ franchisees with supplies that served consumers, other essential workers and frontline employees through COVID-19, along with lessons learned for scrappy and effective internal communications and storytelling.

You’ll learn:

  • How to use quick, low-budget and low-tech solutions to reach and engage employees
  • Ways to effectively communicate with a dispersed workforce of employees who have to opt-in to listen
  • Takeaways from executive communications and launching a podcast (Hint: It’s all about listening)
  • How to integrate traditional communications methods and storytelling with digitalized campaigns
  • Shira Miller
    Chief Communications Officer
    National DCP