Reach and retain millennials: How to communicate with today’s multigenerational workforce

Millennials now represent the largest slice of the workforce. Yet many communicators haven’t updated the programs, tools and content needed to reach these plugged-in employees. The result is plummeting engagement. Join this workshop with Kristin Scroggin (University of Alabama), Cody Jones (NASA) and Leah Sketo (Lockheed Martin Space) for the latest communication strategies to motivate millennials—and every other generation in the workplace.

What you’ll learn: • Who millennials are: new data, stats and psychographics • Speaking millennial—the new role of video, emojis and GIFs • Authentic storytelling: How to create and share long-form and short-form corporate communiqués that appeal to Gen Y • Best ways to gain, train and retain millennials—plus how to turn these employees into brand ambassadors • Lessons from NASA, Lockheed Martin, Prudential and more

  • Kristin Scroggin
    Communication arts lecturer
    University of Alabama
  • Leah Sketo
    Human resources manager
    Lockheed Martin
  • Cody Jones
    Payload communicator
    National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)