Rally, Revive, Reconnect: Secrets of Engaging Townhalls and All-Hands Meetings

Are your townhalls boring or captivating employees while they’re distracted by WFH realities like family, pets and deliveries? Are they alienating or uniting your workforce at a time of crisis and economic difficulty? At Power Home Remodeling, communicators are ensuring it’s the latter with a series of weekly, highly-attended virtual meetings. Join and learn how to:

  • Prioritize transparency during all-hands meetings to keep the trust of employees
  • Reach even furloughed employees by providing meaningful and inspiring content during meetings
  • Capture attention in a time when employees are faced with constant distractions
  • Ensure your organization’s culture and values shine through during virtual town halls
  • Bennett Andelman
    Vice President, Marketing Communications
    Power Home Remodeling