Quickly Start or Scale Your TikTok Strategy Workshop

There’s no need to stress the resources needed to pull-off an effective TikTok strategy. In this workshop, you’ll learn how to easily create a TikTok presence that drives awareness and generates ROI. Our trainers will guide you through a step-by-step process for adding a TikTok presence to your social media program — or improving the one you already have.

We’ll cover:

  • Templates to borrow: Anatomy of a successful TikTok strategy and how to tailor it to your brand and audiences.
  • How to set up and optimize your TikTok profile — and why this is so critical.
  • How to identify the best formats, features, elements and trends on the platform that make sense for your brand.
  • How to master TikTok ads.
  • What’s next: What’s already outdated on TikTok — and how to stay relevant in 2023 (examples and approaches to emulate).
  • Ways to make your first (or third) TikTok video a success. (We’ll workshop one together!)
  • Lourdes Reigosa
    Social Media Manager
    Baptist Health
  • Jonathan Pinkerton
    Senior Social Media Manager