Purpose-Driven Public Affairs: How to Build an Authentic Brand in the Public and Press

An organization’s authentic purpose is what connects with the press and public today. Join to hear how five key principles guide Royal Canin North America’s mission — and how 23andMe created a mission-driven brand committed to the democratization of DNA and stayed true to that purpose in the face of FDA regs and other challenges. You’ll learn:

  • Principles of purpose-driven public affairs: Lessons from 23andMe’s founding to present — and Royal Canin’s commitment to pet health and nutrition.
  • Managing a consumer facing company in a heavily regulated space — how to operate ethically when dealing with human DNA, research and pet health.
  • Finding true north: Ideas and partnerships to help identify your purpose, mission and values.
  • Working with the press: Data, trends, angles and pitches that newsrooms love.
  • Measuring purpose: Insights to help you track and report corporate reputation.
  • Racquel White
    Vice President, Corporate Affairs
    Royal Canin North America (Mars, Inc.)
  • Andy Kill
    Director of Communications