Purpose-Driven Initiatives and Messages That Can Uplift and Inspire Communities and Stakeholders

More consumers than ever before expect the organizations they do business with to make a difference in the world and take stands on important social and political issues, especially as people worldwide grapple with the COVID-19 pandemic. As corporate social responsibility efforts and purpose-driven communications bolster crisis communications and build trust, you must learn to navigate risk with the opportunities available for your brand. In this session with Miri Rodriguez of Microsoft and Alex Health of Edelman, you’ll be able to ask questions and learn insights that can help you integrate purpose-driven initiatives in realistic, authentic and worthy ways befitting both your bottom line and your community.

You’ll learn:

  • How to make sure your messages welcome, not unintentionally offend
  • The business case for inclusion and community involvement—especially in light of the global pandemic
  • Ways to get colleagues involved and committed to achieving purpose-driven goals
  • Takeaways on how to balance your brand voice with authenticity in light of the current crisis and beyond
  • Why communicating values is no longer just a “nice thing to have”—and how to ensure your media training and other communications objectives align
  • Miri Rodriguez
    Senior Storyteller, Author "Brand Storytelling"
  • Alex Heath
    EVP and Group Head for Business + Social Purpose
    Edelman New York