Preparing a Multichannel Internal Communications Strategy in 2023

Setting your comms goals and strategies doesn’t have to be an arduous task. Many of the tools you need to stay connected to employees … wherever they are … are already in your toolbox (or inbox!). It’s just a question of finding the right formula of multichannel comms to keep employees engaged and informed, and culture thriving.

Join us as Debra Helwig of Pinion, a national consulting and accounting firm, offers insight to the company’s internal comms strategy, including its intranet, thought leadership, events, employer branding and overall employee engagement. The discussion will shine light on:

  • How to create a comms strategy that elevates employee experience.
  • The role of the intranet as a central hub.
  • Employer branding and thought leadership strategies.
  • Lessons learned in what works, what doesn’t in messaging.
  • The importance of multichannel strategies to meet employees where they are.
  • And more.
  • Debra Helwig
    Senior Internal Communications Manager
    K·Coe Isom