Practicing Cool Media Relations Under Crisis

In a time when truth is often considered subjective and the number of voices amplifying a reputational crisis online can multiply in minutes, it falls on communicators to set the record straight. From understanding what goes into crisis response and holding statements to working through a publicly problematic partnership, this session will explore how you can present a crisis to members of the media in the least damaging light. You’ll learn:

  • How to craft responses that correct the record on misinformation and disinformation circulating about your company or industry
  • Tips for composing crisis holding statements that tide stakeholders over until you can provide more details
  • Strategies for framing a rogue executive’s behavior to media outlets
  • Ways to partner with legal when composing a crisis response statement
  • Audra Hession
    Principal & Managing Director
    G&S Business Communications
  • Kaelan Hollon
    Senior Director, Communications
    Reynolds American
  • Spring Harris
    Head of Global Corporate Communications and PR