PR Writing That Packs a Punch

How to write powerful press releases, pitches and posts

Tired of press releases that are KO’d instead of OK’d? Are more of your pitches swing-and-miss instead of direct hits? Want to quickly climb the ranks from PR writing lightweight to heavyweight champion?

This webinar will give you the writing strategies you need to craft copy that packs a punch and wins audiences — media or the public — over every single time. Join this fast-paced session to quickly tune up your copywriting prowess and transform every piece of content you craft into a contender.

Your trainers Jill Stewart (DePaul University), Kristy Nicholas (GoDaddy), Michelle Park Lazette (Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland) and Michelle Leff Mermelstein (Nokia) will help you improve your writing speed, stance and power using commonly overlooked principles — while sharing surprising new ways to re-energize your PR writing and results.

Top 6 things you’ll learn:

  • Write Like a Journalist: Powerful techniques for crafting credible-yet-compelling copy
  • Brain Science for Word Nerds: What research tells us about copy that captures attention in a busy world — and how to apply it to what you’re writing now
  • Secrets of Sticky Headlines: How to write dramatic headlines, subject lines, teasers and leads without resorting to “clickbait”
  • Irresistible Press Releases: How to avoid the press release graveyard by writing timely, targeted stories that sing — from headline to boilerplate
  • Pitch Perfect: A look at what journalists want now — and how to deliver smarter pitches that members of the press will love
  • Posts the Public Will Love: What content marketers know about powerful writing — and how to capture your audience’s attention by solving problems
  • Jill Stewart
    Writing Coach and Adjunct Faculty Member
    DePaul University’s College of Communication
  • Michelle Park Lazette
    Senior writer
    Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland
  • Michelle Leff Mermelstein, APR
    U.S. PR Lead for LG MobileComm Division
    LG Electronics
  • Kristy Nicholas
    Senior Director, Executive, Financial and Brand Communications
  • Brian Pittman
    Virtual Events Producer and Moderator
    Ragan Communications