PR Measurement Workshop: Dispelling Myths to Prove Value-and Improve Performance

Many comms leaders consider this to be “a golden age for public relations.”  And yet, we often limit our potential by holding onto myths to explain the value of what we do. This workshop delivers the roadmap you need to prove PR value and improve PR performance.  We’ll examine these myths and provide a clear path to demonstrating PR’s unique contribution and demonstrating a positive return on PR investment…All this, even in the face of new pressures, emerging technologies and an uncertain economy. You’ll learn:

  • Setting objectives that are meaningful, reasonable and measurable.
  • Strategy development and tactical execution to identify optimal audiences and deliver compelling messaging using the most credible channels.
  • Evaluation to assess the extent to which you meet or beat your objectives.
  • Managing for continuous improvement over time and in light of best practice.
  • Mark Weiner
    Strategic Measurement Advisor
    University of Florida: Professional in Residence
  • David Cantor
    Deputy Director, Measurement & Insights
    Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation