Powering Your Social Media Content, Campaigns and Engagement with Analytics

We’re in a pay-to-play digital media landscape. Gone are the days of posting your latest product launch to Facebook or creating a few social media ads and expecting results. Instead, outstanding social media and digital marketing strategies are grounded in analytics and fortified through paid efforts that connect your organization’s business goals to campaigns with clear calls to action. Staying on track to meet your organization’s goals can be a challenge in the constantly evolving landscape of social media. Devon Maloney, Social Media Editor for MIT’s Sloan School of Management, will show you how to develop a social media strategy that works for you and your brand using analytics to make informed decisions and set achievable goals.

You’ll learn: 

  • How to use data and insights to inform your organic and paid social media strategy
  • Tips for audience targeting to ensure your content is being seen by the right users
  • How algorithms across social media platforms are changing—and how you can keep up
  • Ways to write better copy that drive desired actions—across the proper channels and content formats
  • Ways to discover what content, messages and campaigns are driving the most traffic and conversions
  • How to select the best KPIs to track and report
  • Devon Maloney
    Social Media Editor
    MIT's Sloan School of Management