Power Your Social Media ROI with Measurement, Insights and Data

Winning social media campaigns and efforts rely on audience insights and tailored content to meet consumer needs. They also require communicators to work closely with colleagues across departments for cohesive efforts that achieve business goals, as well as understanding a rapidly changing landscape of algorithm changes, new features, social media trends and more. That’s where the foundation of outstanding measurement and analytics comes in: Where the rubber meets the road. Nicole Moreo, Senior Vice President of Analytics at Ketchum, will reveal ways that you can power your social media strategies with measurement and data best practices that showcase ROI—and how to report your efforts for future buy-in.

You’ll learn:

  • What KPIs you should measure—and what “engagement” really means
  • Tools and hacks to create outstanding dashboards and ROI reports
  • Ways to present analytics and data with visuals and stories catered to the C-suite
  • The top social media measurement changes and trends you should focus on in 2021