Power Informational Content, Campaigns and Strategies with Social Media Videos

You don’t have to work at BuzzFeed to embrace digestible and engaging videos tailored to social media scrolling. Armed with storytelling savvy and video production best practices, you can capture attention and quickly deliver value, while strengthening your organization’s brand and trust. Jenn Thai, Social Media Specialist for Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital, will share a peek behind the scenes of the organization’s weekly “On Call for All Kids” videos created for Facebook, LinkedIn and more, shared across social media as well as within its newsroom for storytelling success.

You’ll learn:

  • How to tailor your campaigns and messaging for social media videos
  • Ways  distill complex or “unsexy” information using digital content and production best practices
  • Why consistency is key—and ideas for getting started without busting your budget or resources
  • How to cater videos to your target audience(s), while promoting inclusivity through captions and more
  • Jenn Thai
    Director, Social Engagement
    American Red Cross