Podcasting Workshop: The Sound of Success

The podcasting boom is still on—with 504 million podcast listeners projected globally by 2024. So how can you compete for attention in today’s busy market? The answer is to ideate, script, record and produce your own niche-specific podcast as a critical asset to your larger social strategy—not as a standalone. In this workshop, you’ll partner with peers to:

  • Ideate and refine a podcast idea that fits your brand voice and social strategy. 
  • Learn how to start scripting and structuring your podcast based on your goals. 
  • Select the best platforms, mics and audio software for your team. 
  • Try your hand at recording and sourcing audio using tools like Squadcast. 
  • Tap into the latest podcasting trends—like integrating podcasts with Twitch/YouTube to capture Gen Z and younger livestreaming audiences 
  • Discover how podcasting can help drive DEI, employer branding and retention. 
  • Discuss podcast publishing and promotion, including using RSS feeds and repurposing clips across social channels for maximum exposure.
  • Hillary Kwiatek
    Employee communications specialist
    Lehigh University