Pitching and Style Tips from a Changing Media Landscape

As conversations around racial inequity continue to make headlines, newsrooms across the country have re-evaluated whose stories are getting told by examining who reports the news and who consumes it. In this session, Jennifer Kho, VP of journalism and information equity at DoGoodery, and Jenny Choi, director of programs at the Media Democracy Fund, will discuss newsroom trends that communicators should be aware of to pitch stories that resonate with reporters, editors and their audiences.

You’ll learn:

  • How newsrooms—from newspapers to ethnic publications— are working toward more equitable practices with staff, partners, audiences and other stakeholders
  • Strategies for learning and internalizing how various newsroom storytelling is changing around terms related to race, gender, sexuality and more
  • Tips for adopting a pitching style that embraces audience trends and cultural relevance while avoiding homogeneity and tone deafness
  • Jennifer Choi
    Director of Programs
    Media Democracy Fund
  • Jennifer Kho
    VP of Journalism and Information Equity