People Power: How to Foster a Meaningful Culture with Remote Teams

Creating the right kind of culture was important before—but critical now. A meaningful culture compels employees to do their best because they believe their work has value and feel they’re essential pieces of the puzzle—even if they’re logging on in sweats. Join a discussion about how to reassess and reinforce a powerful culture across internal channels so WFH employees realize they’re not just content pumps or order takers—they’re part of the club. You’ll learn:

  • The essential components of culture—plus how to build and reinforce it with existing and new employees in the remote era
  • Pandemic pivot: How a global company drove positive change during Covid by rethinking and reframing how employees connect with its culture
  • How to revamp your intranet and integrate it with tools like Office365 to reinforce culture and the initiatives that support it
  • Assessing your people’s connection to your culture and how to address feedback
  • Ally Bunin
    Global Internal Communications Leader
    Russell Reynolds Associates
  • Ann Melinger
    CEO and Founder

    Brilliant Ink