Pandemic Pivot: Rethinking What Content You Cascade (and How) in the WFH Age

Governor Cuomo won an Emmy for his Covid-19 Zoom updates, but audiences and execs are experiencing Zoom fatigue. So how do you maximize your message when everyone is remote? Join to hear how to tap new tools to expand reach for your mission, agenda and executive communications content in the WFH era.

You’ll learn:

  • Content strategy: How to cascade executive, internal and external communications messages across platforms to reach different audiences (from Gen Z to Boomers)
  • Speeches 3.0: How reimagine tired, traditional speeches and townhalls with Teams, Friday forums and video apps
  • Tech tools that make your job easier—including Canva, iMovie and Adobe (plus new ways to use Zoom)
  • DIY podcast techniques every communicator should try, whether your in internal, executive or external comms
  • How to amplify your message across social media
  • Christopher Collier
    Executive Director of Enterprise Content Strategy
  • Brooke Adams
    Executive Communications Manager
    University of Utah