Paid Social: Converting the Curious into Customers with Paid Social on Facebook and Instagram

Sometimes telling your brand story requires inserting yourself into social media conversations and narratives that are already happening. As organic reach on social diminishes, a strategically-targeted paid social campaign can reach the prospects and customers who are most likely to respond to your ad. In this session, we’ll review some paid social best practices on Facebook, Instagram,Twitter and LinkedIn that drive clicks that lead to purchases and purchases that lead to loyal customers.

You’ll learn:

  • Simple starter tactics on paid social like boosting posts
  • How to use make the most of in-platform targeting tools 
  • Tips for defining your budget, target audience and campaign length
  • Best practices for composing platform-tested ad copy and visuals that drive conversions
  • Haping Lee
    Social Media Analyst
  • Kelly Stone
    Senior Director of Digital Strategy