Now showing: Responding (or not) to public and news media backlash

A negative experience or misquote can quickly spiral into your organization being thrust into the limelight, and not in a good way. PR and corporate communications pros must be ready to stop crises in their tracks and understand what to do when that’s not possible, but the same statement won’t play out successfully in all scenarios. From errant headlines, to no-win situations and executive comments that can quickly turn your PR efforts inside out, Ryan Noonan, director of corporate communications for AMC Theaters, will show how he and his team responded, or didn’t respond, to different sticky situations—and how you can prepare yourselves for several kinds of crisis responses.

You’ll learn:

  • How to correct false news before the narrative gets away from you
  • Tips for knowing when to respond and when to stay silent
  • Ways to defuse emotions and increase trust with statements that are on-brand and authoritative
  • How to be transparent and responsive in different crisis situations
  • Ryan Noonan
    Director of corporate communications
    AMC Theaters