Notes from Backstage: Lessons from a TED-Talk and Moth-Mainstage- performance speaker

The craft of storytelling has been re-energized with the popularity of programs such as TED Talks and The Moth. TED and Moth speaking opportunities are highly sought after as they build momentum and change minds all over the world. In this session, speechwriter-turned-speaker Sarah Gray, who has delivered both a Talk of the Day and a Moth Mainstage Performance, chats with Rob Friedman about the lessons she learned and that you can learn from, too.

Key Highlights:

  • The differences between giving a TED Talk and telling a Moth story, and when each style could advance your message
  • What happened in the months, weeks, days and minutes leading up to each performance, and how Sarah’s preparation could help any speaker
  • How TED’s staging and speaker prep differ from The Moth’s prep, and why that changes how the audience hears your story
  • Tips for preparing your speaker for success
  • Tips for selecting the right speaker and the right story
  • Sarah Gray
    Director of communications
    American Association of Tissue Banks