Not A Relic: Make press releases relevant in the digital age to boost results

The debate rages on. Social media and SEO gurus often say the press release is dead, but reporters and savvy communicators know it’s still relevant as an official statement that can live on in digital archives and Google searches, but only if it’s well-written, targeted and announces a newsworthy development. Nowhere is this truer than in the high-stakes situations like those faced by FEMA spokesperson Lauren Lefebvre. This session will reveal how she pushes her news quickly to the top when it matters most, and it will give you the latest features and writing techniques you need to gain reach, respect, and ROI for every announcement you craft.

Key Highlights:

  • Why press releases give PR a bad nameā€”and how to fix that
  • The new role of press releases in the mix of earned-owned-paid-shared media
  • Tight, compelling leads: The types of openings that work best
  • Killer quotes: How to craft sparkling quotes that reporters will love
  • Multimedia magic: How photos, video and infographics spike reach
  • Ken O'Quinn
    Writing with Clarity
  • Lauren Lefebvre
    External Affairs Deputy Director