Next steps: Harness Google Ads to accelerate results and amplify content

SEO-rich copy doesn’t exist in a vacuum. In today’s pay-for-play online environment, you also have to integrate Google Ads into your long-tail organic SEO efforts if you want to see results that drive sales more quickly. Join for practical ways to maximize your reach—and minimize your spend.

You’ll learn:

  • How SEO and Google Ads work together to generate more leads
  • What to budget—learn how much to invest and when
  • Simple steps to create, launch and adjust an inexpensive Google Ads campaign
  • Anatomy of a successful Google Ad—including display, video and search formats
  • Common Google Ad mistakes that can cost you—and how to fix them
  • Amy Wong
    Former Director of Digital Acquisition Marketing
  • Caitlin Angeloff
    Social strategy director
    Providence St. Joseph Health