New Ways to Inspire, Excite, Engage! The 2018 Great Town Halls & Internal Meetings Virtual Summit

Internal meetings and town halls can inspire and rally your staff—or bore employees and lose the battle against handheld distractions. Join this intensive training event to master new skills and apps you can use to transform your meetings into dynamic summits—with instruction from Brian Samrick (Cisco), Brandon Daniels (Marathon Petroleum Group), Leslie McBride (Cox Automotive), Ally Bunin (MSL Group) and Teresa Shewman (Lilly International).

You’ll learn how to:

  • Foster company culture with more interactive town halls
  • Harness storytelling secrets for more engaging meeting content
  • Revamp tired formats and channels—and break into new platforms
  • Embrace apps, video and chat to align your workforce
  • Create unforgettable experiences on tight budgets
  • Teresa Shewman
    Communications director
    Lilly International
  • Ally Bunin
    Global Internal Communications Leader
    Russell Reynolds Associates
  • Leslie McBride
    Senior manager, internal communications
    Cox Automotive
  • Brian Samrick
    Internal and executive communications,
enterprise sales
Cisco Systems
  • Brandon Daniels
    Internal communications strategist
    Marathon Petroleum Co.