New Tools on Facebook and Instagram to Move Customers Through the Sales Funnel

A year of remote communication has also brought a year worth of dynamic innovation (or more) to Facebook and Instagram as each platform has leaned into changing user behaviors with new tools designed to provide strategic shortcuts that will enhance your ecommerce efforts, refine your live-streaming approach and allow you to maximize your efforts on each platform for targeted business growth. In this session, we’ll look at some of these new features with a focus on how they can help you build deeper relationships that stand out from the never-ending stream of digital communication to leave customers feeling refreshed.

You’ll learn:

  • How to incorporate the latest in-platform tools for livestreaming, 360 photos, virtual reality and more into your marketing and sales funnel
  • Tips for understanding new shoppable ad tools like Instagram Shop, and how they fit into your marketing plans
  • Strategies for becoming an early adopter of new tools to scale your efforts as the features evolve
  • Ways to think about new avenues for monetization with respect to your resources and capabilities as a team
  • Kassidy Silva
    Senior Manager, Social Media Strategy