New Roles for Communicators

Hear the latest methods to incorporate these essential skills into your career:

Forecasting • Digital Transformation • Strategic Offense/Defense • Crisis Planning • Change Management • Agility PR • D&I • CSR • Innovation • Storytelling

It’s cliché to say change is a constant, but the maxim has never been more true. Times are changing at warp speed and so is the communicator’s role. You’re now asked to do more with less and tasked with mission-critical responsibilities in a period of unprecedented uncertainty.

Translation: Your value has never been higher. Bolster your communications and career when you join this webinar featuring Ray Day (Stagwell Group, formerly IBM and Ford), Catherine Hernandez-Blades (Aflac), Nancy Bistritz-Balkan (McKesson) and Rachel Ferguson (Visit Philadelphia). You’ll discover how they’re re-envisioning their teams, technology and tactics for the future so you can do the same.

You’ll learn:

  • The Leader’s Mindset: How to act as more of an advisor and chief of staff
  • Technology and Channels: Organizational tools that turn chaos into order—how to think outside of the box when it comes to websites, social media and even podcasts
  • Communicator as Futurist: How to stop “firefighting” and see around corners
  • Crisis Response: How to build an agile, multi-tasking crisis team that responds with authenticity and sensitivity
  • New Imperatives: How to implement purpose-driven CSR, ESG and D&I programs amid today’s shifting zeitgeist and new hopes for the future
  • Ray Day
    Vice Chair
    The Stagwell Group
  • Rachel Ferguson
    Chief innovation and global diversity officer
    Visit Philadelphia
  • Nancy Bistritz-Balkan
    Director of Cybersecurity Communications
  • Catherine Hernandez-Blades
    Senior Vice President